What is is the Clifton's Electronic Yellow Page on the Internet. Actually it is much more than just a yellow page or business directory. It get's updated almost every day and contains classified advertisements too. You may buy a house or find a job here.

Frequent Update:
In other words can work as a yellow page, as a newspaper, and as a library. Every month we add new information or add new links to this directory to make it more use able. The greatest benefit of all is that you can find and communicate with local businesses through and this can not be done using other resources on the internet.

Quick Links:
When you find a business here, you may have a link to their web-site. Just click on the link and you are there.

We need your help:
We need your support and advice to improve and make it the most useful source of information in our community. Send us an e-mail with your ideas and suggestions.