If this is not corruption, what is?

On June 7th 2007 when I was leaving home, I noticed that part of my sidewalk is marked for repair or reconstruction by the city of Clifton (or their contractor).

I was surprised because that part of the sidewalk was in very good condition and did not need any repair. On the other hand, the areas of the same sidewalk that needed repair, were not marked!

So I decided to take some pictures of the current condition so that I can compare it with the condition after reconstruction.

You can click on every picture to see the large image.

The marked area consisted of the corner block and two adjacent concrete blocks of concrete.

My immediate thought was that unnecessary repairs are just an excuse to funnel the public funds into the pockets of a small group of corrupted politicians and employees in the City of Clifton. 

This picture shows how the concrete is cracked a few feet further from the marked area, but it is not marked for repair.
Finally in August 1st, the repair crew left the area and I was sure that no further repairs are being done.

This is the picture I took after repair.


Now, you judge if this reconstruction has been necessary and who can be behind this wasteful contracts.
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